Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Weed Lady

Upon my return to Michigan I went through a severe mourning period due to the lack of chic interior and garden design shops. I longed for my L.A. days, trolling down La Cienega with a coffee in hand browsing the best of what the home and garden world had to offer, returning home with a trinket or two and a load of inspiration. Well...soon after, my spirits were lifted a little when someone told me about a little english house-turned-garden-shop called The Weed Lady. The Weed Lady!? What a funny name! I was intrigued. I made the 40 minute drive hoping not to be let down when I arrived and WOWZA!! I was not. It was a jewel box of a place. I felt like I had found some little old ladies magical cottage, dripping with ivy and dried hydrangeas. There were interesting potted trees and mossy pots mingled in with delicious candles, bleached terra cotta pots and italian pottery. I was so happy, I might be able to live here after all! I recently went there to have them make up about 10 different potted arrangements to have for the house when I get back for the summer. They sent the pictures today and they are beautiful!
These two will go either on the deck of the tub in my master bathroom or on my fireplace in the bedroom if they aren't too tall. .
The back on is probably going on the sofa table behind the sofa in the living room and the oblong one with the succulents will sit on a shelf in the french bakers rack in the hallway. .
This is one of a pair that will sit on vintage pedestals on both sides of the large window in my dining room. .
This transferware planter sits on my breakfast room table. .
I haven't placed these two guys yet. Maybe in the kitchen flanking the sink under the window or on the dining room table. .
This is a bunch of pussy willows that will probably go in an olive jar in my dining room. I wish I were in Michigan and could attach a picture tour of this amazing shop. I will do a follow-up post when it is in full bloom in the summer.