Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dining room updates

I have been working on my dining room for quite a while now, it is the last room that I have really devoted NO time to.  I needed to buckle down and find a couple stand out peices and accessories.  First trip a success!  La Belle Maison of Ann Arbor, my local go-to for interesting French Antiques, dishware and lighting had the most AMAZING french butcher block table from France, circa 1900.  It has this cool bulls head at the top, which is typical of butcher blocks of that era.  On one side is the actual wood block that has seen a lot of use and has the most amazing uneven top.  The other side is a slab of old Carrara Marble.  This peice is a little more "kitchen" than dining room, but I couldn't go home without it.  I also snagged four antique botanicals in a grass green to hang above it...I think they balance out the piece and make it a little less masculine.  They also brings out the green in the light above the table.  Enjoy!


Cote de Texas said...

i love that piece. And i really love the swinging doors with the porthole window. so cute!!!!

Unknown said...

New piece looks perfect in that spot. It really warms the room up, and the prints above are great too.