Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Too late for Swedish?

When I named my daughter Sophia in 2007, at the height of the Sophia craze, I had completely convinced myself that I had loved that name for years, long before everyone else did.  Now, I honestly can't tell you if that's true or not, because I have been known to convince myself of untrue things before (I also thought the same thing about knee-high boots and skinny jeans).  It just seems sometimes that I get to apply something I love at the peak of it's appeal, or unfortunately sometimes slightly later.  And although that in itself makes me want to search for the next thing, the appeal is too strong for me to resist.  I HAD to name my daughter Sophia, I love the name, even though I was fully aware that I may be joining the masses.  The same goes for my apartment.  I have dreamed of a Gustavian meets the left bank breezy style apartment for years, long before it was hot (I'm convinced) and long after it was replaced by the chunkier, more masculine lines of the Belgian craze.  The thing about a trend, however is that unless it makes the transition to being a "classic" or "traditional", it can look dated and uninspired if applied too soon past it's expiration date.  But, that's neither here nor there because I won't be happy with anything else.  I must have a breezy white swedish apartment.  I finished purchasing the final pieces from Oly Studio and The Lone Ranger Antiques and I'll give you a little preview of them before you get to see the final result.

I fell in love with these chairs, they are wider than most antique swedish chairs, which makes them hubby approved.  These will get simple white linen slips and each will go under a different desk.


This beauty is going in a little hallway nook which is visible from the living room.  P.S. This is NOT a Mora clock!  I was given a very strong speaking to from Jeff after referring to this as a Mora Clock. Mora Clocks are a specific to a region of Sweden and are the most widely available and inexpensive of the antique tall case clocks.  He and other dealers sell very little true Mora clocks.  They are not that desirable and are rather unattractive, I think. 


I am thinking a few pairs of these will look great in the Dining area flanking a mirror with some interesting objects or bud vases on them.

Linen sectional and ottoman from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture waiting to ship.

Oly Studio Stella shelves will flank an antique armoire opposite the sectional and will be stuffed with beautiful design books and interesting pottery.  I think these coupled with the dark farm table in the dining area and the walnut leather will give enough contrast to the whites, I am being very careful to keep it from going too shabby-chic.

That's all you get for now, final pictures of the main rooms should be up within a couple months.  I swear!!

Take two

I'mmmmm Baaaack!!!  Call it divine intervention if you will, but I just came across my old blog completely by accident, realized I posted a measly three times before throwing in the towel and after shaming myself endlessly for being so unreliable and being such an awful blogger after rather arrogantly naming myself the Home Provocateur (hand covering face),  I've decided it's time for round two.  So much has happened since my original posts (which had a little to do with my untimely departure).  I have two babies now, we have relocated AGAIN (this time to NYC), and hubby is a bit more stable in his career.  I have done SO much work on the country abode in Michigan and am also nearing completion of our pre-war Swedish-Parisian-style apartment on the Upper West Side.  I am now ready to sink my teeth into my blog, and live up to this grand name I once threw around so flippantly.