Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keystone Cottage?

I just stopped by the house today and noticed a keystone resting over the top of my large dining room picture window. WTF?? Its gotta go, when I told the builders it didn't go with the style of my house they seemed puzzled. Apparently they think keystones go with every house...


Cote de Texas said...

You quit blogging!!! what's going on? did you ever take that picture of the Something's Gotta Give house? send it to me! ok????


Anonymous said...

You are my kind of woman. That key stone exemplifies what I am going through myself. My contractor is building a log cabin for me out of round logs. This is in Charlottesville Virginia where we only see square logs. Or log kits - ugh! There is a constant battle between the contractor and me over doing it the way I want it. Talking to one of my friends helped, she said "those people are driving your nails, if they had design ideas they would be building their own houses. " That made me feel better. Maybe it will help you too. Good luck on your beautiful home. Ann